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Printable UKG EVS and GK Worksheet for Download

UKG EVS Workbooks
UKG EVS Workbooks

​Premium printable UKG EVS and general awareness workbook (GK) with 40+ activity sheets. Tasks include identification, colouring, match the columns, and word completion.

Download UKG EVS Worksheet Sample for Free in Pdf

We have made printable UKG EVS and general awareness worksheets  based on latest CBSE, ICSE and state board syllabus. Download now and gives wings to your kid’s imagination.

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​We believe that your kid should learn with fun, Education is not something to be hated, kids tend to hate it because the formal method of education is too boring and quite judgmental. But we keep no stone upturned to make it interesting and fun. We have curated the best collection of UKG EVS worksheets that will help your kid to imagine and learn with fun.

Covered Topics

  1. About You?- 1 Worksheet
  2. About your family?- 2 Worksheets
  3. Parts of Body- 5 Worksheets
  4. Sense Organs- 4 Worksheets
  5. My House- 4 Worksheets
  6. Seasons- 3 Worksheets
  7. My School- 4 Worksheets
  8. Transportation Systems- 5 Worksheets
  9. Animal Kingdom- 5 Worksheets
  10. Animals and their young ones- 3 Worksheets
  11. Sound of Animals- 3 Worksheets