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CBSE Class 12 Question Papers

CBSE Class 12th Previous Year Papers

Previous year question paper of CBSE class 12 is available for download at My College Bag website. The students who will be attempting 12th board later this year can benefit by practicing last year questions of different subjects. Solving previous questions helps them to get familiar with the exam paper pattern as also the level of difficulty of it. Regular practice develops confidence in students and they learn the answering techniques.

Solve CBSE 12th last year question papers in advance for best scores in exam

CBSE syllabus is continuously revised to ensure that the students gain knowledge as per the latest facts and findings, especially in sciences. Mere rote learning is not considered good and the student needs to be dynamic! By solving last year question paper of CBSE class 12, the student develops a finer idea regarding the trend of the exam paper. Experts and academic counselors also recommend that when the students attempt CBSE question paper class 12, they need to place a timer and set the time limit for each question. The time assumed for each question needs to be realistic and in consonance with the entire question paper. In this manner, they develop time management skills and thus easily achieve high scores in the board exam.

All the CBSE 12 class previous question papers available for download at My College Bag website are provided with solutions. These solutions have been developed by subject experts who have detailed knowledge and experience in coaching the students for CBSE board exam. They also take into account the standards and techniques as listed by CBSE for the purpose of answer writing by the students.


This is the hub of previous year question paper for class 12th CBSE Board Examination. Download CBSE 12th previous year question papers for Accountancy, Business Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English, Geography,Hindi, History, Information practices, Maths, Multimedia and Web Technology, Physics, Physical Education, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology. Get CBSE Question Papers and Sample Papers. 


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