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Copyright Notice:

All content, including but not limited to educational resources in PDF and Image format, available on the website, is protected by copyright laws. The content provided on this website is intended solely for personal, non-commercial use.

Free Usage: Users are permitted to access, view, and download the educational resources free of charge for personal use only. This includes studying, learning, and enhancing knowledge in an individual capacity.

Paid Usage: In the case of paid content, users are allowed to access and utilize the educational resources upon payment of the required fees. However, even after payment, users are strictly prohibited from engaging in any of the following activities without explicit permission:

  1. Selling: Users are not authorized to sell any of the content obtained from this website, whether it is in PDF or Image format.
  2. Altering: Users are prohibited from making any modifications, adaptations, or alterations to the educational resources, whether free or paid, without prior written consent.
  3. Sharing: Users are not permitted to share, distribute, or make available the educational resources, whether free or paid, to any third party, regardless of whether it is for personal or commercial purposes.

Enforcement: Failure to comply with the terms stated in this copyright notice may result in legal action, including but not limited to claims for damages and injunctions to prevent unauthorized use.

All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by the website owner and content creators.

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