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CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Notes for Chapter 15 Polymers

                 UNIT 15 POLYMERS

  • Polymers are defined as high molecular mass micromolecules, which consist of repeating structural units derived from the corresponding monomers.


  • In the presence of an organic peroxide initiator, the alkenes and their derivatives undergo addition polymerization or chain growth polymerization through a free radical mechanism. Polythene, Teflon, orlon, etc., are formed by addition polymerization.


  • Condensation polymerization reactions shown by the interaction of bi- or poly functional monomers containing –NH2, -OH and –COOH groups. Condensation polymerization progresses through step by step and is also called step growth polymerization.


  • A mixture of two unsaturated monomers exhibits copolymerization and forms a co-polymer containing multiple units of each monomer.

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