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LKG Syllabus 2023 in PDF

download LKG syllabus
LKG Syllabus 2023

Here we have curated the LKG syllabus based on the latest guidelines by CBSE, ICSE and Cambridge boards. You can download the subject wise lower kindergarten curriculum for free in pdf and use it to create a sweet & simple study plan for your kid.

LKG Class syllabus for CBSE, ICSE and Cambridge Boards

KG1 is an important phase of every kid, as it introduces them to the foundation of academics. Every year, various boards releases their curriculum for LKG. We have updated this page with syllabus for LKG in 2023.

As per the latest curriculum, there’s 4 subjects to be taught in Lower KG, they are English, Maths, EVS + General awareness and Environmental science. View or download the subject wise syllabus here:

LKG English Syllabus

In this section, you can find the KG1 English syllabus. It covers topics like the identification of alphabets, reading, and matchmaking.

Pre-Writing Strokes

  • Standing line
  • Sleeping line
  • Left Slanting line
  • Right Slanting line
  • Left Curve
  • Right Curve
  • Up Curve
  • Down Curve

Alphabets & Basic Grammar

  • Identification of alphabets using objects
  • Objects related to each letter
  • Small Letters & Capital Letters
  • Matching capital and small
  • Vowels and Consonants
  • Phonic Drill
  • Vowel words
  • Rhyming words to improve listening skills
  • Differentiate between gender and pairing​

LKG Maths Syllabus

Here we have presented the KG1 maths syllabus. LKG maths covers topics like numbers, identification, and counting, comparisons, identification of shapes.

Comparison Concepts

  • Same-Different
  • Big-Small
  • Tall-Short
  • More-Less
  • Heavy-Light
  • Full-Empty
  • In-Out
  • Thick-Thin

Numbers ( 1-50)

  • Count and Match with quantities
  • Count and Write/Tick/Circle
  • Count and Colour
  • Before, After and Between Numbers (1-10)
  • Number names (1-10)
  • Complete the pattern
  • Joining dots/missing numbers
  • Zero activity (develop the concept of Numbers)


  • Circle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Semi-Circle
  • Oval


  • Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Orange, Green, Purple
  • Black, White, Pink

LKG EVS and General Awareness Syllabus

In this section, you can find the LKG general awareness syllabus. General awareness for LKG covers topics like understanding our body and basic body parts, identifying common animal kingdom, the basic mode of transports, and seasons.

About Me

  • Myself
  • My Body Parts
  • My Family
  • My Birthday
  • My Home
  • My School


  • At home
  • On the road
  • At the Playground


  • Domestic
  • Wild
  • Aquatic


  • Doctor
  • Teacher
  • Policeman
  • Postman
  • Carpenter
  • Farmer
  • Security Guard

LKG Environmental Science Syllabus

The latest EVS syllabus for LKG consists of following topics

  • Common objects with missing parts. 
  • Parts and organs of the body and their use.
  • Good habits and manners
  • Spreading awareness about the environment through picnics, trips, etc.
  • Understanding of the concept of time by explaining weeks, months, and years.

Download LKG syllabus for free in PDF

Here you can download the LKG curriculum, take a print out and use it to make study plan for your kids.

FAQs related to LKG syllabus 2023

What is the LKG Syllabus?

LKG syllabus is based on guidelines of leading educational boards and consists of four subjects- English, Maths, EVS, and General Awareness. LKG curriculum introduces the kids to the basics of these subjects.

How can students prepare for LKG?

LKG grades are very easy and focuses on very simple topics. One can easily excel in the LKG class by following this syllabus and our LKG worksheets.

What should an LKG student know?

LKG grade focuses on topics like alphabet identification, tracing, numbers between 1-50, shapes, size, comparisons, our body, and nature around us.