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Fresher Resume Samples for Engineering Graduates

Freshers Engineering resume samples

Engineering jobs being high in demand but simultaneously engineers are high in supply, It becomes very crucial to stand out from crowd while applying for any job, Definitely the primary stuff for this is how you performed on academics, curricular activities, research etc, the next but the most important stuff is your resume.

No matter how you performed in all graduation years of engineering, the game changes totally when you fill a job application. The first impression always matters, its your curriculum vitae which presents you to your interviewer. It’s very important to craft your resume in a way it reflects the overall personalty of you and portrays to the interviewer that you are the best fit for that job. 

Engineering Resume Templates Download in MS Word and PDF

Note that this is just a sample engineering cv to give you an idea what all sections you should cover in your resume. ​These are engineering resume examples for engineering freshers looking to apply for some engineering jobs, If you are looking for resume for engineering internship, please visit our engineering internship resume sample page.  

Engineering Resume FAQs

How do you write an engineering resume?

The templates provided above is a good point to start. No need of making a graphic based resume. Keep it simple 2-3 page doc and highlight your academic details, internships, major, minor project details and any certification courses you have undertaken.

What makes a good engineering CV?

Since you fresh out of engineering college at this point, nobody is expecting a rocket theory here. Keep it plain and simple. Add following
1. Academic details – Specialisation and percentiles
2. Projects – List both minor and major project undertaken with details.
3. Internship – List the organisation and your responsibilities
4. Certifications – Highlight any additional certification undertaken to improve your skills.

What skills should I put on my engineering CV?

It depends on the job profile and branch of engineering. Don’t keep a single resume and use that for all jobs. Always make tweaks based on the expected job role. If you have done some related certification or undertaken related projects, highlight that.
In general every job expects following skillsets – time management, data skills, presentation and communication skills, team work, eagerness to learn.

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