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CBSE Class 8 Biology Notes for Chapter 1 Crop Production and Management

Plants of the same kind grown at one place on a large scale are called a crop.
The tasks performed in order to grow a crop are called agricultural practices or activities. These are as follows:
(i) Preparation of soil
     The soil is loosened and turned. This process is called ploughing or tilling. Sometimes manure can be added before tilling so that it gets mixed with the soil properly.
(ii) Sowing
     Seeds are scattered over the field. Good quality seeds are selected for good crop. This can be done using traditional tools such as funnels or by modern methods such as drilling.
(iii) Adding manure and fertilisers
     Manure and fertilisers are added to the soil to make it rich in nutrients. Manure is organic while fertiliser is chemical in nature.
(iv) Irrigation
     Irrigation is the process of supplying water to the crops. Water can be drawn from ponds, lakes, rivers, dams, canals, wells, tubewells, etc.
(v) Protection from weeds
     The undesirable plants which grow along with the crop are called weeds. Removing weeds is called weeding. They can be manually uprooted or sprayed with weedicides which kill the weeds.
(vi) Harvesting
     When the crop matures, it is finally cut. This is called harvesting.
(vii) Storage
     It is important to store the crop grains in a proper manner to keep them safe from insects and rodents. Large scale storage of grains is done in granaries.
When animals are reared for food, it is known as animal husbandry.

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