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IE Irodov Solutions in PDF

IE Irodov Solutions

Here you can download IE Irodov physics solutions for free and start preparing for your upcoming examination.

​IE Irodov is one of the best and go for book for advanced physics related questions. IE Irodov problems in General Physics covers the most advanced level of questions that really tests your basics, thinking ability and subject level maturity.

IE Irodov book is divided into  two volumes:
Volume 1- Covers Mechanics, Heat and Electrodynamics. Volume 1 is divide into 3 parts viz

  • Part 1- Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics
  • ​Part 2- Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics
  • ​Part-3 Electrodynamics

and Volume 2 Covers Waves, Optics and Modern Physics

  • ​Part 4- Oscillations and Waves
  • ​Part 5- Optics
  • Part 6- Atomic and Nuclear Physics 

Download IE Irodov Solutions for all Chapters

We have curated the detailed step by step solution for IE Irodov physics. We have covered all questions of both for Vol 1 and Vol 2. You can download these Irodov solutions for free in pdf.

​ IE Irodov Solutions for Volume 1

Solution for Part 1-Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics
1.1 Kinematics
1.2 The Fundamental Equation of Dynamics
1.3 Laws of Conservation of Energy, Momentum and Angualr Momentum
1.4 Universal Gravitation
1.5 Dynamics of a Solid Body
1.6 Elastic Deformations of a Solid Body
1.7 Hydrodynamics
1.8 Relativistic Mechanics

Solution for Part 2- Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics
2.1 Equation of Gas State, Processes
2.2 The First Law of Thermodynamic, Heat Capacity
2.3 Kinetic Theory of Gases, Boltzman’s Law and Maxwell’s Distribution
2.4 Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy
2.5 Liquids, Capillary Effects
2.6 Phase Transformations
2.7 Transport Phenomena

Solution for Part-3 Electrodynamics
3.1 Constant Electric Field in Vacuum
3.2 Conductors and Dielectrics in Electric Field
3.3 Electric Capacitance. Energy of an Electric Field
3.4 Electric Current
3.5 Constant Magnetic Field.Magnetics
3.6 Electromagnetic Induction, Maxwell’s Equation
3.7 Motion of Charged Particles in Electric and Magnetic Fields

IE Irodov Solutions for Volume 2

Solution for Part 4- Oscillations and Waves
4.1 Mechanical Oscillations
4.2 Electric Oscillations
4.3 Elastic Waves. Acoustics
4.4 Electromagnetic Waves. Radiation

Solution for Part 5- Optics
5.1 Photometry and Geometrical Optics
5.2 Interference of Light
5.3 Diffraction of Light
5.4 Polarization of Light
5.5 Dispersion and Absorption of Light
5.6 Optics of Moving Sources
5.7 Thermal Radiation. Quantum Nature of Light

Solution for Part 6- Atomic and Nuclear Physics
6.1 Scattering of Particles. Rutherford -Bohr Atom
6.2 Waves Properties of Particles. Schrodinger Equation
6.3 Properties of Atoms. Spectra
6.4 Molecules and Crystals
6.5 Radioactivity
6.6 Nuclear Reactions
6.7 Elementary Particles