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XAT Previous Year Question Papers with Answers

XAT Question Papers
XAT Question Papers

We have curated the best range of XAT previous year question papers, you can downloaded them for free in pdf and prepare for the upcoming examination.

The XAT exam can be aced easily with rigorous preparation and problem-solving skills. You can further upgrade these skills by using a great resource that is an indispensable tool in every student’s preparation- the XAT previous year papers. There is no better practice than to take out your alarm clock app, set up a timer and sit with the XAT question papers and get cracking.

What is the pattern forXAT Exam?

The XAT question paper includes these sections – 

  • Section 1  Decision Making, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, Verbal and Logical Ability
  • Section 2  Mock Keyboard Testing
  • Section 3  General Knowledge and Essay Writing

There are total 105 questions expected in XAT wherein Section 1 includes 76 MCQs and Section 3 includes 25 MCQs and 3 essay topics. Furthermore, in Section 1, Decision Making carries 22 questions, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation carries 28 questions and lastly, Verbal and Logical Ability carries 26 questions.

There are multiple-choice questions (MCQs) wherein each question will have five potential responses and the candidates must only mark one correct answer. Apart from these, there will be 3 essay writing topics, out of which, they need to choose one and write a 300-word brief essay.

Candidates will receive +1 for every right answer and -0.25 for every incorrect answer. 0.10 will be deducted for more than 8 unanswered/unattempted consecutive questions. However, there is no negative marking for General Knowledge questions.

The duration of XAT is 3 hours and 30 minutes. Candidates are given 175 minutes for Section 1, 5 minutes for Section 2, and 30 minutes for Section 3.

Download XAT Question Papers for Free in PDF

The XAT question papers provided here will help you understand about the type of questions being asked, exam pattern and improve on your timing while attempting these papers.

XAT 2018 Question Paper

XAT 2018 question paper was considered moderately difficult. The exam was conducted on 7 January 2018 and the results were declared on 11 February 2018. Download the question paper of XAT 2018:

  • XAT 2018 Question Paper 

XAT 2019 Question Paper

XAT 2019 question paper was of moderate difficulty. XAT 2019 exam was conducted on 6 January 2019. The results were declared on 17 January 2019. Download the question paper of XAT 2019:

  • XAT 2019 Question Paper 

XAT 2020 Question Paper

XAT 2020 question paper was considered moderately difficult. Verbal and Logical Ability questions especially were quite tough. XAT 2020 exam was conducted on 5 January 2020. The results were declared on 16 January 2020. Download the question paper of XAT 2020:

  • XAT 2020 Question Paper 

XAT 2021 Question Paper

XAT 2021 question paper was considered moderately easy. XAT 2021 exam was conducted on 3 January 2021. The results were declared on 18 January 2021. Download the question paper of XAT 2021:

  • XAT 2021 Question Paper 

XAT 2022 Question Paper

XAT 2022 question paper was of overall moderate difficulty. XAT 2022 exam was conducted on 2 January 2022. The results were declared on 17 January 2022. Download section-wise question paper of XAT 2022:

  • XAT 2022 Question Paper 

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