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CBSE Class 7 Chemistry Notes- Chapter 6 Forests

Forest is an entire system of plants, animals and micro-organisms. They are a home to a number of animals and plant species. The uppermost layer i.e. the canopy is formed by the trees. The shrubs form the middle layer. The lowest layer of vegetation is formed by herbs

Forests influence the climate, water cycle and air quality.

Forests prevent soil erosion as the roots hold the soil firmly. Decomposers are micro-organisms that decompose the dead plants and animals and produce humus, which makes the soil more fertile.

Forests improve air quality as plants give out oxygen during photosynthesis. They absorb carbon dioxide and therefore reduce air pollution. They also reduce noise pollution.

To ensure that the balance of nature remains intact forests need to be conserved. Deforestation has to be reduced. Deforestation is the cutting of trees from the forest. Afforestation has to be promoted.

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