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CBSE Class 8 Maths Notes for Chapter 5 Data Handling

                 CHAPTER 5 DATA HANDLING
Information collected in the context of a situation to be studied is called data.
1. Pictograph: Pictorial representation of data using symbols.
2. Bar Graph: Representation of data using bars of uniform width, their heights being   proportional to the respective values.
3. Double Bar Graph: A bar graph that shows two sets of data simultaneously is called a double bar graph. This graph is used for comparison of data.
Data that is in an unorganized form is called raw data. Raw data should be organized in order to gain any inference from it.
Frequency gives the number of times a particular entry occurs.
Histogram is a type of bar diagram where the class intervals are shown on the horizontal axis and the heights of the bars show the frequency of the class interval.
There is no gap between the bars as there is no gap between the class intervals.
A circle graph shows the relationship between a whole and its part.
A random experiment is the one whose outcomes cannot be predicted exactly in advance.
             Probability of an event=  (Number of outcomes that make the event)/(Total number of outcomes of the experiment)
An event is one or more outcomes of an experiment.

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