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CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Papers with Answers

Biology is one of the most popular streams  post class 10. The CBSE class 12 biology opens doors to important entrance examinations and a lot of other opportunities. Even after a lot of hard work, it becomes difficult to excel in this subject on the final day. One can prepare well using CBSE class 12 biology question papers, as it give fare understanding of exam patterns and types of questions asked.

We have curated previous year question papers of CBSE class 12 biology with official answer keys for free in PDF. Download now and prepare for upcoming class 12 cbse board exams.

Download Last 5 Years Biology Question Papers for CBSE Class 12

Why download CBSE class 12 biology question papers from here? 

  1. Our question papers are edited and inundated by our team of experts. This means all papers that you download have all the special instructions and notes pointing out possible flaws in the paper.
  2. You get a mock-test for yourself with the Class 12 biology previous year papers that helps you become sharper for the actual exam.
  3. We also provide the answers for the question papers that helps you glide over difficult questions easily.

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