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Class 12th Chemistry Notes

CBSE Class 12 Chemistry consists of the three big subdivisions- physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. From gas laws to solid structure, from stoichiometry to benzene in organic chemistry- we know it can be very challenging to cover all of them. The class 12 syllabus also introduces a wide range of problems from sums dealing with atomic structure to quizzes based on organic chemistry nomenclature. To tackle all these concepts effectively, we bring to you an excellent Chemistry Class 12 Notes PDF that you can easily access to get an edge over the concepts and hence, do well in your exams.

We are We have been catering to different educational streams for quite a while now. Our experts in Chemistry (some of the best teachers out there) have put together a comprehensive collection of Chemistry Notes for Class 12. Here is why every student must have them.

  1. Our approach is very conceptual and yet concise. We cover all the concepts without sacrificing brevity which makes the notes highly effective.
  2. The notes have a rich collection of diagrams and solved numerical examples. This helps you practice all the important concepts with relevant examples.
  3. We understand that concepts like stoichiometry and organic chemistry can be especially difficult. So we dedicate separate notes like Organic Chemistry Class 12 Notes to just help you on that specific topic.
  4. We cover the latest NCERT syllabus. Hence our NCERT Notes for Class 12 Chemistry help you get a head-start for the exams.
  5. We capture all the chemical equations and formulae in easily accessible points that help you revise quickly before the exams.

We are sure that with the Chemistry notes available at, you will ace your chemistry exams and enjoy the process of studying.

Download Class 12th Chemistry Chapterwise Notes

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