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Printable Sight Words Worksheets

Sight Words Worksheets
Kindergarten sight words worksheets in pdf

Sight words are one of the few complex topics being taught in Kindergarten, they are quite tricky as it cannot be said using the regular phonetics. Kids are expected to recognise this and speak out them just by looking at it and that’s why the name “sight words”!

Free Printable Kindergarten Sight Words

Easiest way to learn about sight words is through regular practice using sounds and activity sheets. We have curated best range of worksheets based on latest syllabus of CBSE, ICSE and Cambridge boards using which your kids can understand and use sight words.

BeMeWasTo Do
All AreYouYourCome
Go SoByMyNo
Examples for Sight Words

Download Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets in PDF

In this section we have provided few worksheets with simple activities to learn sight words. You can download these sheets for free in printable format.

Few Question Related to Sight Words

What are sight words?

Sight words are those set of words which needs to be identified just by seeing it, as the regular rule of phonetics doesn’t apply to it.

How do I teach my child sight words?

It’s one of the few tricky topics in Kindergarten, but with regular practice using sounds and workbook activities sight words can be easily grasped and excelled by the Kids.

How many sight words are in English?

There are over 300 sight words in english. Just over 100 are used by kindergarten kids as per the curriculum.

What age do you teach sight words?

As highlighted above, This topic is quite complex and huge, there are several sight words in english, which we identify and learn to use over entire primary education. For kindergarten kids we should just focus on a few of them as shown in example table.

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