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CBSE Class 9 Biology Notes for Chapter 6 Improvement in Food Resources


  • MACRO-NUTRIENTS: The nutrients required in large quantities are known as macro-nutrients.


  • MICRO-NUTRIENTS: The nutrients required in small quantities are known as micro-nutrients.


  • Manure and fertilizers are the main sources of nutrient supply to crops. Organic farming is a farming system with minimal or no use of chemicals as fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc. and with a maximum input of organic manures, recycled farm wastes, and bio-agents.


  • Mixed farming is a system of farming on a particular farm which includes crop production.


  • Mixed cropping is growing two or more crops in simultaneously on the same piece of land.


  • Growing two or more crops in definite row patterns is known as inter-cropping.


  • CROP ROTATION: The growth of different crops on a piece of land in pre-planned succession is called crop rotation.


  • Farm animals require proper care and management such shelter, feeding, breeding and disease control. This is called animal husbandry.


  • Poultry farming is done to raise domestic fowls. Poultry production includes egg production. To enhance poultry production, cross breeding is done.


  • Marine fish capture is done by fishing nets guided by echo-sounders and satellites. Composite fish culture system is commonly used for fish farming.


  • Bee-keeping is done to get honey and wax.

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