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This That These Those Worksheets and Printables

This That These Those Worksheets
Printable Worksheets Covering -This, That, These & Those words

The demonstratives are very important concepts that are covered in kindergarten, in this kids are taught about using the words like this, that, these and those. These words forms a critical part of sentence formation exercises of kindergarten syllabus.Sometimes it’s very difficult for budding minds to grasp this, but can be excelled easily through regular practice of demonstrative’s worksheets.

We have curated the best range of this and that, these and those activity sheets, which you can download for free in pdf format.

Download this, that, these and those worksheets

Here you can find few activities, using which your kids can understand the concept of this and that. We use “this” for any thing which near and under immediate observation. For things which are far, we use that.

Here you can download the this and that worksheet shown above in pdf format for free.

This, That worksheet 1

This, That worksheet 2

Few Questions Related to This, That, These and Those Worksheets

What is this, that, these and those called?

This, that, these and those are used to point to people and things. These words are called demonstratives.
This and That – These are singular demonstratives
These and Those – These are plural demonstratives

What are few examples of sentences using this, that, these and those?

This: This is my pen.
That: Is that your brother?
These: I am loving these range of clothes.
Those: Could you turn off those lights?

When to use this and when to that?

We can use “this” to indicate something which is near, for subsequent expressions, while “that” can be used to indicate far away objects, or to identify a person, thing or event that is not near you.

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