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Resume Templates

Sample Resume Templates for Everyone
Sample Resume Templates for Everyone

Resume is your first interaction with your employer. It is the gateway that actually connects you with your employer much before they meet you. It is very important to draft your resume in way, that clearly  describes who actually you are, what potential you have , and how you are different from others in queue.

Download Resume Templates for All Jobs and Internships

we have curated well written industry standard resume for every job. Note: These are just stand CV formats, use your own wisdom while making your own resume, use this resume template as a starting point.

Resume Template Guidelines

Keep in mind these templates for resume  and tips are just to give an idea how should your resume be. But actual architect of your resume is you. Before writing your resume, try to understand from the perspective of the employer what actually he requires and draft your resume and cover letter matching your capabilities for the job role you are applying for.

How to write an effective Resume

This section is focused on providing you tips on how to write an effective resume. We are having wonderful collection of freshers resume template and templates for experienced candidates based on branches like for Engineering, Management and Regular Graduates. We also have good collection of cover letters accompanying respective resume.

Tips for Writing Good Resume

  • Personalize your resume based on the job you are applying for
  • CV format should be easy to read ( Use standard fonts and Sizes)
  • Quantify your skills and accomplishments  for the profile you are applying for
  • Make your resume short and precise ( Note resume is not your auto-biography, It is just the well portrayed  trailer of it)
  • If you are a fresher cover an Objective section, If you are fresher replace the same with an Executive Summary section

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