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How to create a cover letter for fresher job?

Create a cover letter

A job application’s two most essential elements are a cover letter and a resume. These documents help a prospective recruiter narrow down the number of potential candidates according to their skills and qualities. Therefore, knowing how to write unique and effective cover letters and resumes is key to landing a job. This article will guide you on how to write an effective cover letter that can help you grab a recruiter’s attention.  

What is a cover letter ? 

Freshers are those looking for their first job who, in the workplace, have little to no professional experience. They often are fresh graduates from schools or universities, and their only prior experience is through internships.  

A cover letter, also known as a covering letter or motivation letter, is a formal introductory letter often accompanied by a resume or Curriculum Vitae of the individual applying for a particular position. It is usually a single-page document, and its objective is to briefly introduce you and your professional experience. A cover letter can be 200-500 words long on average. If you’re a fresher looking for your first job, writing an outstanding cover letter can be your weapon to catch the attention of potential recruiters. A good cover is your opening act, which can make or break your application.  

Thus, a cover letter for a fresher’s job is an introductory letter that showcases your profile, experience and willingness to work with a potential recruiter crisply.  

Components of a cover letter

Since the cover letter is usually the first document an employer may read, it is essential to mention some key facts about yourself in the cover letter. Thus, let us first know the key components of a cover letter.  

Personal information

Personal information includes information like your name, contact information, current home address etc.  


Mention the date of application as you would in any formal letter. 

Name or title of contact person, if any

Mentioning your cover letter to a specific person along with their title adds a personal touch to your cover letter. 


Mention the appropriate way to address the contact person, such as Mr./ Ms. or Respected etc.  

Opening paragraph

The opening paragraph can explain how you gained information about the particular post and what interested you.  

Middle paragraph

The middle paragraph can briefly explain your work experience and relevant skillset applicable to the position you’re applying for.  

Contact information

Mention your availability for the position and also provide contact information at which employers can communicate with you.  


You can write a persuasive appeal expressing your willingness to work and desire to obtain such an opportunity to work to the best of the organisation’s interests.  

Steps to write a cover letter for a fresher’s job

Select an appropriate format and set a professional tone

The first step is to select an appropriate format. A cover letter format that places information chronologically is a good choice. Furthermore, adopt a professional tone while writing your cover letter. The candidates must ensure that their cover letters must be crisp and concise; a lengthy cover letter may displease a potential recruiter. Do not forget to use professional verbatim if required.  

If you’re writing a hard copy cover letter, include your personal information, such as name, contact information, current address etc., in the top left-hand corner of the letter. Leave some space and mention the current date below the personal data. Leave some more room and mention the recruiter’s name or the contact person’s name and the address of the organisation you’re applying to.   

State your interest

Since you are a fresher, it is essential that you mention the same after giving a brief introduction about yourself. Next, note the position you are applying for and how you knew about it. Succinctly explain your motivation behind applying and assure them you would be fit for the role. You can conclude by stating how the position can help further your interests as well as the interests of the company.  

Elaborate on your skillset

You can begin the second or middle paragraph by providing a crisp summary of your relevant hard and soft skills. You can also mention previous experience, course certifications and training. You are suggested to identify specific keywords from the advertisement and align your skills using them. Since you are a fresher with little or no relevant experience, you can shift the focus more towards your capabilities and strengths. Some crucial aspects of your skills can be highlighted through your academic scores, managerial responsibilities for university activities, voluntary service etc., that you may have performed.  

Add a persuasive request

You can start this paragraph by finally giving them a complete picture. Show them that your skills align with the skills required for the job. You must try to show you are eager to join their company and are willing to learn and develop your skill set. You can request them to connect with you or arrange an interview at their convenience.  


You can conclude the cover letter by extending gratitude for providing you with an excellent opportunity. Leave space and include any formal salutation. Write your name and designation below if it is an email, or sign it after some space if it is a hard copy.  Do not forget to mention that you have enclosed with the cover letter a copy of your resume or CV or any other required documents that were to be furnished.  


The final step is to review and edit your cover letter multiple times. Proofreading can help you avoid errors. You can also try to tailor-fit each cover letter according to your position.  

Therefore, a practical, error-free cover letter increases your chances of standing out during the filtration process of a job application. Thus, follow the steps mentioned above to ensure you land that coveted interview for your dream job right as a fresher!