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How to Prepare for AILET 2024 Exam in 1 month?

Prepare for AILET 2024

The AILET 2024 exam is expected to held in June , 2024, if all things go as planned. It is one of the most sought-after law admission entrances in the country for BA LLB and other courses. But fret not, with the best preparation resources, you will get through. In this article, we shall provide you with a 4-week preparation study plan along with some preparation tips that will come in handy.

What is AILET exam?

The All India Law Entrance Test, or AILET, is a highly competitive exam that aspiring law students in India must take in order to gain admission to the National Law University (NLU) in Delhi and other top law schools in the country. With the exam being so competitive, it is important for students to have a well-planned and thorough preparation strategy in order to increase their chances of success. In this article, we will discuss some key strategies that can help you prepare for the AILET exam and increase your chances of getting into your dream law school.

Exam pattern for AILET

Before diving into the AILET preparation strategy you should work through, let’s take a look at the AILET 2022 exam preparation for BA LLB and what it comprises. Candidates will be allotted a total of 90 minutes to solve 150 questions carrying one mark each. These questions are categorised into five sections as mentioned below. However, as there is a negative marking of 0.25 marks per incorrect answer, guesswork may prove fatal. Please visit the official website.

General Knowledge (Current Affairs & Knowledge, General Science, History, Polity, Geography, Economics, Civics)3535
Legal Aptitude3535
Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability)1010

4 Week Study Plan for AILET 2024

Here is a carefully devised AILET preparation study plan.

Week 1:

General Intelligence & ReasoningMathematicsGeneral Awareness
Order & Rankings, Inequalities, Coding-Decoding, Clocks, Puzzles, Directions, Cause & Effect, Assertion & Reason, Statements & Conclusion, Data Sufficiency,
Ratio & Proportion, Number System, Speed & Distance, Simplification/Approximation, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Average, Inequalities, Trigonometry, Probability, Simple & Compound Interest, Ages, Functions, Geometry, Quadratic Equations,

Current Affairs & developments, Indian Constitution & Polity, National & Global Issues, Business & Economics, Central Institutions and current changes, etc.

End of Week 1: 1 Maths Test +1 Reasoning Test + 1 General Awareness Test + 1 Mock Test [Alternate as per suitability]

Week 2:

Legal AptitudeGeneral Awareness
Legal Reasoning, Indian Constitution & polity, Research Aptitude, Problem Solving Questions based on law, Critical Analysis Questions based on law, etc.Indian and World History, Science & Technology, Film & Television, Indian & World Geography, Culture, etc.

End of Week 2: 1 LegalAptitude + 1 General Awareness Test + 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]

Week 3:

Legal AptitudeMathematicsGeneral Awareness
Revise Legal Reasoning, Indian Constitution & polity, Research Aptitude, Problem Solving
Questions based on law, Critical Analysis Questions based on law,
Linear Equations, Functions, Series
& Sequences, Permutation & Combination, Probability, Graphs, Charts & Tables, Data Interpretation
Dates & Anniversaries, Environment, Major Schemes, Sports and Recreation, Currency, Books & Authors, etc. Similarities, Relationships, Partnership, Blood Relation, Advanced Coding-Decoding, Advanced Puzzles, Syllogism, Seating Arrangement, Dates & Calendars.

End of Week 3: 1 Legal Aptitude+ 1 General Intelligence & Reasoning Test + 1 Mathematics Test + 1 General Awareness Test + 1 Mock Test [You can alternate as per your suitability]

Week 4: Day 1 to 3rd

Revise everything

  • Revise mathematics formulae and concepts
  • Revise Legal Reasoning & Aptitude
  • Revise General Intelligence & Reasoning techniques
  • Revise Current Affairs especially Indian Constitution & Polity, National Issues, Business & Economics, Important Institutions [Domestic & International] and current changes, etc.

Week 4: Day 4 to 6th

  • Use the above AILET preparation table flexibly.
  • We suggest you study at least 90 minutes for one section a day.
  • Refresh important topics, formulae and exam strategies.
  • Do not dive into new topics.
  • Strengthen what you already know and drop the rest.

Exam Day:

  • Do not attempt any mock test the day before your exam.
  • Arrange all the important exam related documents beforehand.
  • Eat light and avoid outside food.
  • Sleep adequately.
  • Get geared up for your exam.

How to Prepare for AILET 2024

  • AILET time management: Many applicants are forced to leave a few questions all due to bad time management. It is all-important that you efficiently manage your 90 minutes. Keep a time tracker while solving full-length tests, divide your time between sections and leave at least 10 minutes in the end for revision. When stuck, mark it for revision and come back to it later.
  • In the Legal Aptitude section, candidates will be evaluated on their critical analysis, problem-solving skills and not on their depth of legal knowledge. Therefore, don’t waste time on learning legal provisions and instead focus on the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • Legal General Knowledge tests your awareness about the latest developments in the legal realm. This pertains to constitutional amendments, judgements, important commissions and panels amongst others. Make sure to be familiar with these.
  • For the General Awareness section, apart from reading newspapers, weeklies, editorials and articles, including innovative and creative ways like topic-based documentaries, Rajya Sabha TV debates, news applications, quizzes and so on. Also, watch short news analysis videos. Try and get done with the GK section early to be efficient in AILET time management.
  • Attempt short topic-based tests in addition to full-length mock tests and monitor yourself on your AILET time management, strong and weak sections, revision time, etc.
  • The portion on Numerical Ability on the AILET 2024 exam carries the least weightage [10 questions] which can help boost your score. Some topics like number system, unitary method, time & work, ration & proportion, simplification for equations and like, hold the key in cracking other advanced questions. Also, bolster up your calculation through short-hand tricks of multiplication, division, etc.

The best tool towards better AILET time management and overall marks is that you must remain confident, calm and composed. Best of Luck.