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How to Choose the Right Kindergarten for Your Child?

Choose the Right Kindergarten for Your Child

All parents find it incredibly challenging to choose the ideal kindergarten for their young child. Choosing a suitable kindergarten is not only a first step in your child’s educational journey, but it is also a significant milestone for them because they will have the opportunity to explore a new environment and connect with a pool of diverse individuals, both of which will have a significant impact on their future. Therefore, choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions parents make for their children.

We understand that choosing the right kindergarten for your kids may take some time and research; so, to help you choose the correct one, we have listed a few suggestions that you must consider when making the choice for your children.

Determine your own viewpoint of education.

Before you start searching for kindergartens in your city aimlessly, stop and think for a while what is your philosophy about education and what kind of education, in terms of learning, values, morals, ethics, and so on you want your children to develop and acquire. Once you have figured that out, look for schools and go through their vision/mission/philosophy videos or brochures and shortlist the ones that match your viewpoint. Consider those schools where you can envision your kids as students there.

Bear in mind you are choosing a home, a community, for your children and not just a kindergarten.

While choosing the right kindergarten for your children, you must keep in mind that your child is going to spend a considerable amount of time there. Simply focusing on the qualification of teachers and curriculum is not enough, you must also take into account the school as a whole – a place that could be considered a second home for your kids where they can study, socialize, and shape themselves to become better and responsible individuals. 

Consider a school having a balanced, effective, and well-thought-out curriculum.

Select a kindergarten that has a balanced curriculum that sets it apart from other schools. A kindergarten curriculum includes the fundamentals of everything that your child will learn in upcoming/advanced grades. In short, it will influence your children’s higher education as well as their career development. Aside from academic learning, make sure the curriculum incorporates and promotes physical, social, and emotional programs and initiatives that will enable and encourage your children to become physically healthy, competent decision-makers, and effective problem solvers in the future

Choosing a public or private kindergarten.

Opting for a public school or private school is an important part of the decision-making process when finding the right kindergarten for your children. It is broadly believed that public schools enable children and parents to have close connections with the local community. However, private schools provide better security and a safe learning environment. Public schools are state-governed and may not have the liberty to diversify their curriculum. On the other hand, private schools offer specialized programs, and flexible curriculum and tutors can modify their teaching methods to suit the subject and the student(s) needs.

Understand the school’s procedures for assisting students who are ahead of their peers and those who are lagging behind and may require further support.

Every child is unique in his/her own way. A classroom is filled with children possessing distinct and different degrees of strengths, weaknesses, and learning capabilities. While searching for the right kindergarten for your children, find the one that actively plans its coursework and classroom time to provide diversified or customized education.

If your child requires special attention, it is wise to talk to the school/class teachers to ascertain whether they can provide the necessary attention and assistance to your children inside and outside the classroom.

Miscellaneous tips to consider when looking for and reviewing various kindergartens.

  • Search for kindergarten on the internet. A majority of good and reputed schools have their own official website which aids parents in gaining access to information such as the school’s philosophy, overall functioning, curriculum, extra-curricular activities, rules and policies, location, etc. You can even read the reviews written about that particular school on other online platforms like social media websites.
  • Every parent wants their children to go to a good school that ensures their safety and welfare and which is situated in a friendly neighbourhood at a secure location. Get referrals from your friends and relatives about the schools located near them to gain a parental standpoint.
  • While shortlisting the school, keep in mind the travel time and distance your child will have to cover to reach the school. If the school is a bit farther away, you will need to arrange transportation (such as a bus) for your kids or drive them yourself. It is safe and convenient to choose a school that is close to your home; this way, the distance will not weary your children.
  • It is highly preferable to choose schools that offer small class sizes. The student-teacher ratio is an important point parents must consider before finalizing the school. Small class sizes have a positive impact on children and keep them engaged academically as well as socially.
  • Inquire about the school timings. School should not begin too early or too late. Young children need a proper amount of good sleep and hence, sending your children to a school that starts too early will most likely disrupt their sleeping habits.
  • Arrange a visit to the kindergarten where you want to enroll your kids. To ensure that the school admin can accommodate you and assist you during your visit, it is best to schedule an appointment with them. During your visit, check out the classrooms to see if it has the potential to brighten the moods of kids and spread positive vibes, interact with the teachers, inquire about the class size and student-teacher ratio.
  • Understand the daily schedule your child will need to comply with once they join the school. Contemplate what your child’s everyday school life will be like and how it would impact your kids’ and your family’s prevalent lifestyle.
  • Learn about your child’s needs and interests and look for schools that will cater to their needs, help them overcome their weaknesses, and encourage them to be strong – physically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Important questions to ask the school’s admission authority when searching for a good kindergarten for your children.

  • What is their point of view about play-based learning for children?
  • What kind of distinct learning style do your kindergarten teachers encourage the most – Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, or Kinaesthetic?
  • What kind of lunch programs does the school offer?
  • What is the student-teacher class ratio?
  • What is the daily schedule that children must follow?
  • How often is the PTA conducted and what is it like?
  • In what ways are the families of children encouraged to volunteer in organizing school programs?
  • How and on what grounds (apart from classroom learning) are the students evaluated?

Finalizing the best kindergarten for your children involves substantial research and deliberation. Keep in mind that you will only make this decision once, so be careful – your children’s development and growth depend on it.