Top Courses to Pursue after 12th​

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What after class 12?
In terms of educational Milestones the finishing of class 12 is one of the most prominent  platforms in the life of any regular Indian student. After you have completed your class 12 examination and have graduated from school you will be put forward with many challenges regarding your professional career and your future of it. Many students are known to face dilemmas and confusions at this Junction of their career and then have to face adverse consequences in the future. Students must remember that any decision taken at this point by them should be done with proper attention and full confidence so that you are able to sustain a life with the choice that you make. You must make A good choice and must be content with it so that you can shape your future for the real business for the best. There have been cases where students have remained uncertain about their futures even after they have completed the examination and this has led to severe drawbacks into their own lives.

An advice
For a sturdy career you must recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and where your interests lies so that you can make an appropriate choice. It is having no doubt that the difficulty that you are  to face just after class 12 is very difficult, as is for many of the students. This is because at this time, you don’t know what you will be doing in the next years of your life and everything hangs in the realm of uncertainty. It is therefore recommended for any student who feels that they are not confident enough with making choices for their own future, to visit a student counsellor or an educational counsellor who can help in guiding the student towards various career choices that are available with the student with regard to the stream that they have chosen.
The educational counsellor can also help in making the student realize what there dreams are and where their interests lie and then make them or propel them for moving towards the desirable career option by attaining the required education for the same. For other students who are still going and have not completed their class 12, the realization must strike as early as possible. The truth is that Life is too long to worry about career choices at a tender age, but there is no time to waste or for anyone. Therefore in each choice that you’re making today, you must be firm and very confident.

The really tough courses
It is a fact that tough things are often the most rewarding things also my life. Some of the courses that students intend to take up after class 12 really tough, but the scope had these careers will offer after the student has completed their formal education in these disciplines will also be high. Some of these toughest courses in India after 12th include the likes of medicine. Probably among the toughest courses that any student can pursue after class 12. In the beginning with merely getting into a medical college and studying medicine from the best security is uphill task. But even after you have gotten into a good medical school the problems do not end right there. The amount of studies that you have to do and duration of time that you have to give for your studies is very stressful and can take a toll on your health as well. The other difficult courses that any student can pursue after class 12 will be those that are in the field of engineering. Engineering field although taken up by many students is a very difficult degree course with more than 40 subjects that have to be covered over the span of four years. All the subjects are highly competitive and have to be studied with utmost sincerity in order to become a good engineer. One of the toughest courses in India today is of a chartered accountant. Chartered Accountancy is a distance learning course that is being run in India by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The passing percentage every year for the chartered accountant examination is only 20% making the chartered accountancy course as the most difficult course and in the country right now.

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