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Is Dropping a Year for IITs Good Exam Strategy?

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JEE Exam

Indian Institutes of Technology – Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE) is an admission test or an entrance exam conducted every year by central board of education. It is considered as a toughest examination, which every candidate has to clear for their admission into various engineering colleges in India.

In the year 2013 IIT-JEE was renamed as Joint Entrance Examination – Advanced (JEE- Advanced).As per the records JEE – Advanced will be conducting the examination internationally also. The total number of candidate appeared increased every year.  Many number of students, appear for this exam every year, in order to get placed in any one of the IIT institutes in India.
Is it necessary to drop a Year for IITs?
Most of students have a same dilemma.
IIT-JEE exam preparations can be prepared along with your class 12 also. Most of the students, take a drop of one year, which is quite normal as IIT is a toughest examination and they need more practice and preparation. If you are confident with your preparation, then motivate yourself and clear the exams on same year. Try to focus on your goal to achieve it.
 If still you are confused, whether to drop or continue the same year then discuss with your friends, parents and take suggestions from experts and carry on with your decision.
There are many coaching classes that provide coaching and one can attend their classes anytime according to their batches. There are many online coaching classes, where a student can sit at their home after their regular classes and get prepared by the experts.
Here are few exam preparation tips:

  • Practicing and solving more number of problems especially for Math.
  • Try to put more effort on practicing more objective types of questions.
  • Solve more number of model papers and questions from Question banks.
  • Going through the lecture notes, important points, glossary, etc.
  • Always practice writing rather than reading because by writing the answer will be more clearer and spend more time in recalling and discussing the topics, answers, definitions, formulae and equations.
  • Going through the notes and important points taught in the coaching centres.
  • Never skip or avoid any topics or problems.
  • Give a self-test based on whole syllabus and if necessary take help of others in conducting self-tests.
  • Clear all the doubts by meeting experts or teachers.
  • Always study the important topics first and then switch on to the other topics.
  • Be confident in your preparation.
  • Improve your time management, as there will be many questions to be solved in a very less time. Increase your speed of calculating. Do not spend more than one hour for revising the topics.
  • Use the tips, guidelines and shortcuts given by your lectures. Take an advice from your seniors and toppers.
  • Have a brief study on different IIT guides or books, as there are chances of repetition of questions.
  • Study JEE Previous year papers.
  • Always go for group discussion and sharing thoughts with your friends.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. The more you practice; you are more comfortable with questions and can perform well in your Exams.

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