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How To Choose: Physics – Halliday Vs HC Verma

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Preparing for the JEE exams is no joke. Besides the fact that the exam itself is very difficult to clear, there is a lot of competition, and therefore, simply clearing the exam is not enough. The students need to make sure that they secure a decent rank in these exams in order to get admission in the top colleges. There are numerous books available in the market, which are supposed to help the students in their JEE preparation. HC Verma  And Halliday books are considered to be the best books for JEE preparation.
However, with so many options available, choosing the right books can become confusing. Both HC Verma  and Halliday are exceptionally good books for understanding the concepts of physics, however, since students have limited time in hand, it can become difficult for them to read both these books.
There are two main factors that the students should consider while making this choice:
Personal Condition
The students need to access their condition and status of understanding of the concepts of physics and accordingly make the choice. While HC Verma offer a basic and deep understanding of the concepts of physics, Halliday is good for higher learning.
Time In Hand
If the students have a lot of time in hand, referring to both these books would be great, but if time is limited, they should choose HC Verma, and use Halliday for JEE advanced preparation.

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