How to Ace Essay Writing from the First Try as a College Freshman

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Acing something from the first try is a rare thing. Some call it luck, but we need a lot more than that. Writing the first essay well isn’t enough, because you will need to maintain your level. So, aside from luck and clean thoughts, we need some bomb tips on getting that first assignment done seamlessly.
Let’s get ready for the first writing assignment of your college years! Get a notepad and a pen, or just print this set of tips out.

Learn from the Best
The best and most time-saving way to get good at writing essays is having an excellent example. You can make that first essay your example by ordering it online, or think of a test task and order it beforehand. Check out for the best writing help at affordable rates. Their writers will create a great essay on any topic, showing you academic writing skills at their best.
Wondering how you can learn by paying someone to do your work? Check this out:

  • Reading the finished essay will give you an insight into how an A+ freshman paper should look like;
  • You’ll be able to evaluate the structure of the essay and use it in your future works as a base;
  • You will also see a lot of devices professional writers use. These include transition phrases, connectors, explanations that don’t involve personal feelings (if it’s not a narrative or descriptive essay), etc.;
  • You’ll get a fresh look at the topic you got a paper on.

Learn Every Small Detail About Essay Writing

Learning about essay writing yourself is a crucial part of your future success. Here are some of the things to research before writing your first academic paper:

  • The importance of a good outline.
    There’s a lot of information online about how to create a good outline for the paper. But before getting into it, you have to remember how important it is. Your outline holds up all the information you pour, giving it a structure and directing it right to the conclusion. It’s crucial for the correct comprehension of your paper.
  • The basic structure of paragraphs.
    Just like the essay, its every paragraph has to be structured. The basic structure of any academic writing is an introduction, main body, conclusion. The intro gets the reader into the topic, providing some background info and your thesis statement. The main body opens up the topic, provides arguments and support. The conclusion leads the reader out of the argument or story.
  • The power of a thesis statement.
    A thesis statement is a whole essay in one sentence. It’s your lesson, point of view, the argument you stand by, the results of the analysis you provide, etc. It has to be clear and strong, and you have to be sure it’s correct.
  • Formatting.
    Different formats work for different subjects. Learn about the difference between them, what subjects each of them applies to. It may seem not as important as it is, but later on, your grade might depend on it.

Use Online Sources to Improve Writing and Vocabulary

There are online services that can help you double-check the finished assignment. Gather a group of sources and use them for every essay:

  • Online checker.
    Check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes with the help of an online checker. It will analyze your writing and suggest changes. Don’t blindly change everything, check whether the algorithm got the right context first.
  • Thesaurus.
    Tautology is a problem that disrupts your writing. It’s common, especially if you’re a freshman. Use a thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms of the needed terms.
  • Dictionary.
    You will need to provide definitions of the terms you use in your essays. Besides, you’ll definitely meet a lot of terms you don’t know, so a good dictionary is a must-have.
  • Sample source.
    Find a website with samples of different types of academic tasks. It will help you start writing when you feel lost and don’t know what to begin with.

Collect a team of online services that will help you, learn a lot about essay writing and your subjects, and you’ll be ready!

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