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How hard is it to Study at the University of Manchester?

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When thinking of places to study anywhere in the world, students always fall for the top universities. This is so because there is a charismatic charm associated with each one of them that makes it all the more competitive to be its part. In considering the hard truth of admission in one of the topmost universities of the world, the University of Manchester can be regarded to be on the list. At present, lakhs of students compete every year to be a part of this university. It is the educational atmosphere along with the subjects that are available that makes it quite favorable for the students to accept the challenge of securing a place in this university. But according to the recent study, what is the university of Manchester acceptance rate?

In simple terms, after pondering over various resources, the average acceptance rate has been decided between 40 to 42%, which is quite great in relation to the name and fame of this university has all over the world. Thus, owing to this great news, let us look at the eligibility criteria of this university.

What is the eligibility criterion for admission at the University of Manchester?

In order to study at the University of Manchester, just take care of the eligibility criteria below:

●      Students taking admission at the graduation level must produce their high school mark sheets on a mandatory basis. The mark sheets must also be attested in order to prove that they are original ones and not at all forged.

●      If taking admission at the postgraduate level, students must produce their graduation certificate as well as mark sheets. This is compulsory and applies to all students coming from all corners of the world.

●      The students must also possess their passing exam certificate from the University of Manchester. Students must pass the respective exam in order to gain admission here.

●      Every student would receive an independent call letter from the university after passing the entrance exam. This call letter is also an essential document that all students must keep with them. Therefore, simply take a print out and produce it when your documents are about to be verified.

●      The student must come with an updated CV along with their cover letter. The CV must contain the list of all work that was taken up, or any other course opted for. The cover letter must also state the fact of deep motivation, as to what is the reason behind joining this university. Answers about joining a particular course must also be listed so that you are able to convince that you are quite passionate to study here.

●      In addition to the above documents, students must have passed the IELTS exam. The Band score of 6 and above must be presented before the admission committee in order to secure the process.

●      Students must produce recommendation letters from higher officials, most important teachers. The letters must state the reason for joining the university. The teachers must write about the loyalty of the students and how far they would be able to contribute to the University of Manchester.
Last but not least, every student must have a valid student’s visa and a passport to study at the University. Make sure that the visa can be renewed if an emergency arises!

Courses that can be opted for:
The University of Manchester is able to offer courses both at the graduate level as well as the postgraduate level. Therefore, students all over the world can accept any of the subjects to be a part of this university. In addition to that, the university is famous for its research subjects, allowing huge exposure to various subjects at all levels. There are huge scholarship opportunities available to students and therefore, it is great to see the students studying hard to be at the top. The students have an amazing campus life at the university ad all sorts of facilities are available. Students from various countries are given hostel facilities, based on the courses opted for. Therefore, once you enter the university, you tend to receive the tag of a Manchester graduate or post-graduate, which is quite amazing isn’t it?

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