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Effective Ways to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

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5 Ways to Develop Social Skills in Kids

The modern lifestyle has a strong impact on the emotional state of the kids. It is very easy to have them emotionally devastated and emotionally unavailable or heedless. An acute decline in the social, emotional and academic functioning in the children is not a surprising fact at the present time. This causes learning disabilities and other diagnoses in them. Our brain has the property of malleability. The brain is most malleable at the childhood stage. It is influenced by the surroundings. The environment around the kid can make his or her brain “stronger” as well as “weaker”. Therefore, parents should mould their kids’ character with the utmost care and attention.

​​What kids lack the most today is patience. They cannot let themselves wait. When the kid says that he or she wants something, next moment parents run to get what their kid wants. This makes the kid incapable of being patient. Parents must develop the ability to delay gratification in their children. When we instantly get our kids what they asked for, we give them a happiness which is only momentary and also they will never know the value of things. They must grow up knowing that even a little thing has its own worth. Momentary happiness doesn’t lead children anywhere, instead it gives stagnancy to their growth. It doesn’t let them function under stress. Patience indeed is a virtue. One must learn to have patience otherwise he or she will be prone to stress problems in future. If kids don’t have the patience to wait for things to happen or to come to them, later in their adult life they will not able to function under stress. Coping up with minor stress is very important in one’s life.


​Technology with its dominant nature poses a huge threat to the brains of our kids. To an extend parents themselves become responsible for their kids getting affected by the antagonizing side of technology. When the child doesn’t eat food, the first thing the parents reach out for is, either a smartphone or a tab. Watching their favourite cartoon or playing their favourite game they let themselves to get fed. Eventually, they get addicted to it, mostly to smartphones, tabs, PlayStation etc. With too much exposure to the virtual reality, they become ignorant of the unstructured natural environment. Technology engulfs their valuable outdoor time. This makes them negligent about social skills. They neither learn nor practice social skills. The less availability of parents in the life of their children causes the diminishing of the socializing skills in them. Parents often see technology as a free babysitter. But is it really like that? Does it really help you in looking after your kid in your absence? No. In fact, it doesn’t take care of your kid in your presence too.

​Overexposure to technology in the tender ages affects the nervous system. Kids fail to be attentive because they get engrossed in the virtual reality. They are unaware of the reality. The graphics and special effects in the video games replace the human voices and the little gestures of liveliness of reality. It makes them incapable of processing lower levels of stimulation as they are only familiar with the higher levels of stimulation given by all the video games, Playstations etc. This can also lead to academic challenges. A minute separated from their virtual world, kids tend to feel like it has been hours since they got into reality. They are often bored of the normal but the true reality.

​​An oversized blanket of love and pampering may help our kids create a sheath of endless fun, around themselves. They relate themselves only to play and fun and relate work and effort to parents and elders. Let your children help you do little works with their little hands. Make them do a little laundry of their clothes, tidying up their place and looking after their younger siblings under your supervision. Their ability to do monotonous works will help them when they are hit by boredom and it will also help them to cultivate the feeling of helping and sharing in their young minds.

​Besides everything, the most essential thing in a child’s life is getting enough attention, care and above all, love, from his or her parent. Children should be able to form an emotional bond with their parents. With the over involvement of technology, this bond fails to take form and the emotions of parents and kids don’t get a chance to blend. The emotional support from parents feeds the character growth in kids. Let your kid know that you love him or her. Try to spend quality time with them. Dine together. Play with your kids. Teach them to share, compliment, negotiate and other manners. Parents are the ones who give their kids the key to socialize. 

One wrong turn taken by a parent, in bringing up a kid is when he or she is given the dictatorship. As a kid, one must know that one has to do what is really necessary, not what one wants to. If the child doesn’t take the effort to realize this truth about a successful life, he or she will be definitely welcomed by disappointments in the future. Children should be brought up with the awareness that they have little right to dictate to their parents. They must realize that whatever their parents tell them to do and not to do, is said for their own good. Children should not neglect the fact that their parents shape their lives in the initial stage.

 by Abhirami Shibu 

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