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Difference Between CGPA and SGPA

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Grading For Evaluation
After the students have their examination the teachers’ work will start they will have to evaluate the performance of the student using standard measurement tools. One of these measurements and evaluation tools, is that or grading which is commonly used in all parts of the world today in grading. The student is allotted A grade say from A to F, which is indicating the performance level that the student had given in the given examination.

Grade Point Average System
A grade will be a signifier of the marks’ range in the examination, which the student would have scored if the normal marking system was followed. In the grading system A natural flair is maintained in evaluation of the student which incorporates the fact that the student could have done better or would have been on the lower side if a rigid marking scheme was not followed. The grading system is popular nowadays and is being followed in all parts of the world especially in Asia. Another system which has emerged from this simple grading procedure is called as the grade point average system. In this grade point average system all the grades that have been secured by the student involved in  the exams in which they had appeared for is taken. Then an average score is calculated out of all these grades and also talk average grade is given for the entire year to the student. Now this grade point average can be of two types depending upon the type of examination system which is being followed at a particular educational Institution. The first type of grade point average system, which is commonly followed in universities is called as the semester grade point average system or the SGPA. The common SGPA or semester grade point average system all subjects in which the student appears in an semester will be graded. Then these grades will be taken and an average grade point average will be calculated from them, which will then be called as the Semester grade point average of the student.

Cumulative grade point average
The second system that has emerged from this grading system of evaluation is called as the cumulative grade point average system. The cumulative grade point average system is very commonly followed from school to University level of Education today in schools such as in the education system followed in India. The cumulative grade point average also called as the CGPA is given after year end of any academic session in the school. The CGPA is a overall judgment of the students performance which often incorporates other parts of the education as well in the form of grades that are Then used to calculate average grade points.

Converting the Scores
The students who have completed their graduation and are thinking of applying to A University to complete their post-graduation studies will often be posed with a challenge of converting their semester grade point average scores into cumulative grade point average scores and then submit the documents in the new University. For converting the semester grade point average to a cumulative grade point average for simple mathematical procedure has to be followed and their calculation can be made once the student has entire data of their own semester grade point averages. They will have to add all these cores first after these course I have been added by the student they will be required to do. Divide the total score by the total number of semesters in which they have occurred in any year or two out there undergraduate degree course when they do so they will be given a new one digit number which will then serve as their cumulative grade point average. Thus it is easy to convert SGPA to CGPA. For converting the CGPA to Percentage the students must multiply their CGPA with 9.5 to get the final percentage score. 

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