CBSE Class 12th Biology Notes for Chapter 9 Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production

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​         Chapter 9 Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production

  • Animal husbandry is the practice of taking care and breeding domestic animals by applying scientific principles.


  • The ever-increasing demand of food from animals and animal products both in terms of quality and quantity has been met by good animal husbandry practices. These practices include
    • Management of farm and farm animals
    • Animal breeding


  • In view of the high nutritive value of honey and its medicinal importance, there has been a remarkable growth in the practice of bee-keeping or apiculture.


  • Fishery is another flourishing industry meeting the ever-increasing demand for fish, fish products and other aquatic foods.


  • Plant breeding may be used to create varieties, which are resistant to pathogens and to insect pests. This increases the yield of the food. This method has also been used to increase the protein content of the plant foods and thereby enhance the quality of the food.


  • Techniques of tissue culture and somatic hybridization offer vast potential for manipulation of plants in order to produce new varieties.


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