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​Careers that artificial intelligence cannot kill

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Artificial Intelligence and the advent of the dependence on computers and digital systems of the multiple sectors of the economy have helped these sectors to flourish, no doubt. But the increase in this dependence also means that the need for the skilled workforce is no longer dire and that companies can run with as few workers as possible. This paradigm shift in the work culture has induced large changes in the economy. Artificial Intelligence is regarded as a potential killer of employment opportunities. The situation becomes worse when the country’s economy faces recession and the number of jobs in the economy declines as such.
But some experts say that Artificial Intelligence is a job generator. While they also have to say that there are certain fields that do not get negatively influenced by the increasing popularity of digital systems and Artificial Intelligence.
Banking is among the most flourishing job opportunities and will continue to be so in the coming years despite the growing popularity of the Artificial Intelligence . It has amazing salaries to offer, there is certainly job security, and the job has high social acceptance as well. It may often be labeled as a conventional choice but jobs in this sector are secured and with the flourishing of the new local, national and foreign banks the job market is readier than ever for the commerce students.
Career in Commerce
Investments are the biggest source of high incomes in the world. Investment-related industries are therefore seeing the best phase in the corporate world. Positions for mutual fund executive, investment banker, equity research analyst, capital market manager, venture capitalist, asset manager, and real estate are always open and traded by many. Commerce students must seriously look into making a career out of this field.
Judges, officers of the state judicial services, advocates, counsel, along with subordinate office staff compose the judiciary. While Judges, officers of the judicial system are appointed by the Government, the lawyers and advocates are hired by the private parties, companies, government organizations, etc. for representing their interests.
Giving legal advice and pronouncing judgments cannot be done by computers effectively.
All lawyers may give legal advice and represent their clients in courts whenever necessary. No matter what their specialty is, their job is to help their clients to know about their rights and then help them protect their rights in front of a judge in the court. Lawyers, while handling the cases have to deal with tax matters, claiming cases, dealing with firms in real estate dealings, etc. and generally advise on all these matters. For individuals, they may be trustees, guardians, executors who may draw up wills or contacts or advise on income taxes, sale and purchase of the property. While some lawyers work solely on in the court’s others carry out most of their works outside the courts in drawing up mortgages, deeds, contracts, and other legal contracts. Some lawyers also handle the background work which is necessary for the court cases. They could be researching cases in the library, interviewing witnesses, investigating, etc.

Medicine has incorporated technology with itself but still, the need for a practitioner is always there. The practice of Allopathic Medicine is by and large routine but in the consulting practice the money is good. Although you are also in the cutting edge of technology especially if you are in surgery. There also countless new Allopathic medications to stem the ravages of diseases. So, Allopathic medicine can be very exciting and challenging as you use all this new technology, drugs, and equipment to cope with diseases and illnesses.

Another sector that has seen rapid growth due to the implementation of the liberalization policy in India. There are a huge number of opportunities that can be explored in this field to make a good career.

 Capital market: 
Again, thanks to a liberalized Indian economy, India has been welcomed by capitalists with a fine deal of investments and amazing projects. These projects have given birth to a large quantum of jobs and have surely brought about an increase in employment opportunities in the commerce field.

 Accounting and Taxation
Employment opportunities in this field would never decline so be optimistic about this field always. BPO and KPO sector is expanding and has the demand for talented individuals. Skilled accountants are also being welcomed with open arms in both the national as well as the international job market.

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