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Are You Reading HC Verma The Right Way?

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There is no dispute about the fact that the books written by H.C. Verma on the concepts of physics are a great stepping stone for success in IIT-JEE and other competitive exams. However, not all students have been able to get equal amounts of benefits from these HC Verma. The difference lies in the way different students read and understand these books. H.C. Verma has tried to use very simple language, which almost all students can understand without any difficulty. Yet, some students are not able to get the desired results.
Below are a few tips which, if followed, will ensure that each and every student, referring to these HC Verma  Concepts of physics, would be able to make the most of them:

  • The order in which these books are read is important. The students need to start with the concepts of Physics and get their basics right, and only then move on to other books.
  • The chapters in every book also need to be read in a sequential manner for better understanding of the subject. The chapters have been designed in a specific order to help students to gradually increase their understanding as they move forward.
  • Along with referring to HC Verma physics, it is advised that for greater understanding and higher learning, the students should refer to other books as well. 

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